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Test Analytics

As your test suite grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand which tests in your suite are helpful and which are harmful. Captain integrates with your test framework to help manage this. To configure this behavior, find your framework in our supported test frameworks and follow the instructions. To learn more about the features, keep reading.


Captain tracks the results of your tests and provides valuable insights like the reliability and speed of your tests. You can use these insights to improve your team's productivity.

Flake Detection

Captain automatically detects flaky tests using the test results we track. When you have a test that fails and passes within the same commit, Captain will let you triage it and help limit the impact on your team's builds.

Quarantining Tests

Captain has the ability to quarantine a test without any additional code changes. Previously, you would have to open a PR and skip or delete a flaky test. Captain instead continues to run the test and prevents it from failing your build. In doing so, you can see if it starts to fail or pass unconditionally.

Retrying Tests

Captain can retry failures and flaky tests in your suite when you'd like more certainty that your changes are safe (while accepting the runtime tradeoffs). Retrying tries to ensure the problem is the test, not your implementation.


Captain can help you parallelize your test suite. With file-based partitioning, you can split your test suite across multiple CI nodes and get results faster.