captain remove

Remove a resource from Captain CLI operating in OSS mode.


captain remove [command]

Available Commands:
  flake       Mark a test as flaky
  quarantine  Quarantine a test in Captain
captain remove flake [suite-id] [test-identifier-options]
captain remove quarantine [suite-id] [test-identifier-options]


Informing Captain CLI that a flaky test is no longer flaky.

captain remove flake example-suite-id --file "./test/controller_spec.rb" --description "My test"

Requesting Captain CLI remove a quarantined test from quarantine.

captain remove quarantine example-suite-id --file "./test/controller_spec.rb" --description "My test"

General Options


Displays help for partition command.


Required. The identifier of the test suite. This value should be unique to your Captain organization.

When neither --suite-id nor the environment variable CAPTAIN_SUITE_ID are specified, then the first positional argument will be treated as the suite ID. For example, if you run captain remove flake example-suite-id then example-suite-id will be used for the suite ID.

Test Identity Component Options

Arbitrary flags can be passed. These flags correspond to the components that identify a specific test.

Please see framework specific docs to see how tests are identified.