Mint is a new CI platform which takes a new look at a tool engineers use daily, provides a refreshing experience, and provides some powerful features to set your team up for CI runs that are easy to develop, fast to execute, simple to debug, and cost you less.

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Content-Based Caching

Mint builds a content based hash of the tasks you’re running to avoid duplicating work. If you’ve already run a task, you shouldn’t need to waste compute and your time running it again.

Filesystem Merging

Mint lets you install your dependencies in parallel once and reuse the filesystem changes in later tasks. When parallelizing your test suite, you shouldn’t need to install your programming language repeatedly.

Semantic Outputs

Mint puts focus on the outputs of your tasks to save time digging through thousands of lines of logs. Test failures and problems within your tasks should be readily apparent in Mint.

  • Test Results
  • Problems

Dynamic Tasks

Mint gives you a high degree of control over what tasks are running and how. Instead of being restricted to static definitions of tasks, you can generate them dynamically.

Concurrency Pools

Mint provides fine-grained control over the concurrency of your runs so you can reduce your spend on feature branches or ensure you don’t overwhelm external resources.


Mint helps you lock down your runs so your secrets and credentials are only available when you want them to be. Vaults provide convenient access to OIDC with third parties and are only accessed when you want them to be.

  • Secrets
  • OIDC Tokens

VCS Providers

Mint is currently integrated with GitHub, but we’d love feedback on VCS providers you’d like to use Mint with! Reach out to use at [email protected].