captain update

Parse test-results files and updates captain's storage accordingly.

When using Cloud mode, test results are uploaded to Captain, where they are analyzed to provide insights about your test suite.

When using OSS mode, test results are written to your local file system.


captain update results [suite-id] [flags] <args>


captain update results example-suite-id *.xml


--framework <STRING>

Configurable. The framework of the test suite. This is required if --language is set.

--language <STRING>

Configurable. The programming language of the test suite. This is required if --framework is set.


Required. The identifier of the test suite. This value should be unique to your Captain organization.

When neither --suite-id nor the environment variable CAPTAIN_SUITE_ID are specified, then the first positional argument will be treated as the suite ID. For example, if you run captain update results example-suite-id then example-suite-id will be used for the suite ID.