Installing Captain

Captain provides a CLI to integrate your test suite's results. Installing the CLI differs depending on where you are installing it.

On GitHub Actions

Use the setup-captain action which will install the CLI for you.

uses: rwx-research/setup-captain@v1

On macOS

brew install rwx-research/tap/captain

On a Unix Based OS

Install captain via some variation of this script, substituting the appropriate OS and architecture for your system.

tmp="$(mktemp -d)/captain" && \
  curl -o "$tmp" -fsSL "" && \
  sudo install "$tmp" /usr/local/bin && \
  rm "$tmp" && \
  captain --version

Here are supported OS, architectures, and their download URLs:


On Windows

If you're interested in running Captain on Windows, please reach out to us. We'd love to chat more about your use case to help us prioritize Windows support!