Captain Quickstart

It's easy to get started with Captain's free OSS mode. You just need to install Captain, configure Captain, and then run Captain!

1. Install Captain

brew install rwx-research/tap/captain

For more details about installing Captain, see the installation guide.

2. Add a .captain/config.yaml file at the base of your repository

    command: bundle exec rspec --format json --out tmp/rspec.json --format progress
      path: tmp/rspec.json

Captain supports many more test frameworks as well. View the documentation for your specific test framework here.

For more information about configuring Captain with config.yaml, see the configuration documentation.

3. Run your test suite through Captain!

captain run your-project --print-summary

If everything is configured correctly, you should see your test suite's typical output followed by Captain's summarization of the test results.

Once your test suite is running through Captain, you can enable retries, quarantining, partitioning, and more. View the documentation for your specific test framework to configure these features, and view the OSS guide to start taking full advantage of OSS mode.