captain add

Adds a resource to Captain CLI operating in OSS mode.


captain add [command]

Available Commands:
  flake       Mark a test as flaky
  quarantine  Quarantine a test in Captain
captain add flake [suite-id] [test-identifier-options]
captain add quarantine [suite-id] [test-identifier-options]


Indicating a test is flaky:

captain add flake example-suite-id --file "./test/controller_spec.rb" --description "My test"

Requesting Captain quarantine a test:

captain add quarantine example-suite-id --file "./test/controller_spec.rb" --description "My test"

General Options


Displays help for add command.


Required. The identifier of the test suite. This value should be unique to your Captain organization. It can also be set with the environment variable CAPTAIN_SUITE_ID.

When neither --suite-id nor the environment variable CAPTAIN_SUITE_ID are specified, then the first positional argument will be treated as the suite ID. For example, if you run captain add flake example-suite-id then example-suite-id will be used for the suite ID.

Test Identity Options

Arbitrary flags can be passed. These flags correspond to the components that identify a specific test.

Please see framework specific docs to see how tests are identified.