Captain makes builds and tests faster and more reliable 🚀

Captain provides CI observability and performance tooling compatible with your existing CI provider and testing frameworks. Get quantifiable insights, eliminate flaky tests, and improve the developer experience.
Free while in beta.
Eliminate flaky tests
Flaky tests cause lost productivity from engineers retrying their builds until they get lucky and have the flakes pass. Captain identifies flaky tests and provides an option to quarantine them via a CLI. By quarantining rather than disabling the tests, Captain can detect if a test changes from being flaky to permanently failing.
Dynamic quarantining means no one has to rebase to get their build to pass.
Flake detection is highly accurate, looking specifically at patterns across retried test executions.
Flakiness impact assessment based on flake velocity and recency helps you prioritize which flaky tests to fix first.
Easily add comments or external links with the built-in issue tracker.
A way better testing experience. Finally.
Captain's suite of testing DX tools make it easy to know when and why your tests fail.
Most build systems require engineers to look at console output to determine which tests failed. Captain provides a an elegant summary of test failures across all jobs. Rather than digging through console logs, engineers receive relevant information aggregated across all jobs.
Captain posts test failure summaries directly on your PRs so you don't even need to click into your build to see what's going on. Your information is right in front of you, where you're already looking.
Captain provides commands to re-run the CI failures locally, helping engineers ensure they’ve addressed all of the detected CI failures before they push to CI and wait for another full build process.
Soon, Captain will notify you as soon as your first test fails in CI. Stop waiting for long build times just to find out what you could have found out in 2 minutes. You can get working on fixing your failures without the long wait.
Identify bottlenecks in your build pipelines
Captain's build analytics help you track your build performance over time.
Monitor build health.
Captain's build analytics make it easy to see the health of repositories, pipelines, and build jobs at a glance.
Problems? No problem.
Captain helps you identify and debug the cause of failures, flakiness, and slowdowns in your build pipelines.
The right metrics.
Your branches have different needs: main needs to be green, and feature branches need to be fast. Captain's branch groups configure the right metrics for each unique circumstance.
And not just tests.
Monitor any build step: compiling binaries, deploying web servers, posting Slack messages or anything else. Captain tracks all activity in your CI provider.

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