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Introduction to Captain

Captain is a test and build analytics and performance tool. With Captain, you can:

  • Track and quarantine flaky tests
  • Parallelize your test suite based on test runtimes
  • Understand and debug test failures
  • Analyze your build reliability and performance over time

For more information on Captain's feature set, view the Captain product page.

Captain integrates with your version control provider, your CI platform, and your test framework to collect data. We currently support GitHub for version control, GitHub Actions for CI, and a variety of test frameworks, but we're actively working on expanding the set of platforms we support.

You can view and manage the data Captain collects in the Captain web interface. Captain also provides a CLI command for your CI platform which wraps your test suite and augments its functionality (e.g., to ignore failed tests that are flaky), and a set of GitHub actions to install and easily use the CLI.