We're currently a team of nine working on having a transformative impact to the developer experience. We have ample seed stage funding to support multiple years of early stage product development. We're happy to share more specifics with interested candidates. Reach out to us with questions or to apply by emailing Dan and Tommy at [email protected]

Open Roles

We've filled all open roles. However, we'll be hiring again in the future. If you're passionate about this space, please reach out!

All positions are remote and open to candidates in the United States or internationally.

How We Work


We believe that diversity in how we think and work is both intrinsically and extrinsically valuable. We know that every human brings a diverse point of view to our efforts, but we intentionally strive to work with those who have substantially different perspectives from our own, especially perspectives from sociological backgrounds that differ from those that already exist on our team. We recognize that realizing our goal of diversity is difficult because we are plagued with implicit bias that distorts our ability to value diverse thinking, and so we consciously try to identify and fight that bias.

Remote, Asynchronous, and Autonomous

We’re distributed in different locations, which means it isn’t always convenient for us to have to wait for feedback or guidance before moving forward. Everyone is fully empowered to make decisions about their own work, including what they’re working on and when it’s ready to be released. We frequently request feedback on our work but then move forward prior to receiving that feedback to ensure we keep marching ahead quickly and effectively. We trust the discretion of every individual on our team and use that trust to minimize blockers.


Because we trust each other, we place a high value on (asynchronous) collaboration. We gladly solicit feedback from one another and we seek to understand the work that everyone else on the team is providing. We know that respectfulness and kindness help maintain a healthy collaborative environment, so we make critical feedback as depersonalized as possible and we make an extra effort to call out the best parts of every individual’s work even when we disagree with their approach.


We attempt to be as honest and open about everything as possible. We believe that when it seems like there is an advantage to forgoing transparency, that advantage is usually at the expense of someone else and should therefore be avoided. We extend this transparency to our co-workers, our customers, our vendors, and all of our other stakeholders.


We tackle difficult problems head-on. We strive to make an impact on the problems that we are solving and to produce real value with our solutions, and we are confident that we can only accomplish that by pursuing new and ambitious ideas. We avoid cutting corners and we aren’t satisfied with merely producing minimum viable products; instead, we seek to create holistic and well-thought-through solutions.


The problems we’re trying to solve are challenging and we care deeply about our mission, so we give our work our full attention and our best efforts. We try to be present in our work and our communication with each other. We recognize that humans only have the capability for a limited amount of determined focus, so we also ensure that everyone has plenty of time outside of work, and we discourage ourselves from working past our limits.

Get in Touch

Reach out to us with questions or to apply by emailing Dan and Tommy at [email protected]