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// Captain

Supercharge your testing capabilities

Captain is an open source CLI that can detect and quarantine flaky tests, automatically retry failed tests, partition files for parallel execution, and more. It's compatible with 15 testing frameworks.

// ABQ

Run your test suites faster with parallelization

ABQ is an open source, universal test runner that runs test suites in parallel. It’s the best tool for splitting test suites into parallel jobs in CI.

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What we've been writing

Builds, Mint

Docker-like Layer Caching on VMs

Layer caching is one of the best features of building Docker images. Can the same technique be used when executing commands in VMs for CI builds?


Rewriting Git History with Signed Commits

When we prepared the open source release of ABQ and the open source release of Captain, we decided to rewrite our git history. The script to rewrite the commit history was fairly straightforward, but our team members have commit signature verification enabled, which posed a challenge. To ensure that we produced verified commits, we needed each person on our team to rewrite their respective commits. We ended up writing a multiplayer git history rewrite script, including signed commits.

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