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“We’re thoroughly impressed with Mint’s innovative capabilities for CI/CD. We use a wide variety of technologies for building our data-intensive financial software platform, and we’ve been able to seamlessly leverage Mint across all of our projects. Ubiquity is tremendously important to us since our stack is built 100% on the cloud leveraging a variety of different tools and languages. Mint is able to be a common engineering productivity platform across all of our different systems providing superior performance at a superior price point compared to Github Actions and other CI/CD frameworks.. Our engineering team is more productive with Mint’s fast builds, rich telemetry, and elegant developer experience. Additionally, with Mint being SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and providing hardened vault features, our CD pipelines have industry-leading security.”

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Bill Kaper from HubiFi
Bill Kaper
Co-founder and CTO, HubiFi

Supercharge your test suite

Captain is an open source CLI that detects and quarantines flaky tests, automatically retries failed tests, partitions files for parallel execution, and more. It's compatible with 15 testing frameworks.

run test-suite
Finished in 0.00271 seconds (files took 0.19556 seconds to load)
50 examples, 0 failures
Found 1 test result file:
- Uploaded tmp/rspec.json

Run your test suites faster with parallelization

ABQ is an open source, universal test runner that runs test suites in parallel. It’s the best tool for splitting test suites into parallel jobs in CI.

install rwx-research/tap/abq
test -- <your existing test command>

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