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Move beyond antiquated CI/CD tools with MINT
Mint is a comprehensive CI/CD platform designed to move you beyond inefficient and simplistic workflows. Mint reenvisions every step of CI/CD so that you’re no longer running the same tasks over and over or combing through log files to find bugs. Move beyond the limitations of legacy tools and code how you want with Mint.
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Bill Kaper
Bill Kaper
Co-founder and CTO, HubiFi
“Mint is able to be a common engineering productivity platform across all of our different systems providing superior performance at a superior price point compared to Github Actions and other CI/CD frameworks. Our engineering team is more productive with Mint’s fast builds, rich telemetry, and elegant developer experience.”
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More tools for test suite optimization
Move beyond
flaky tests
Captain is an open source CLI that helps developers run and clearly see the results of their tests. Captain detects and quarantines flaky tests, automatically retries failed tests, and more.
Move beyond
inefficient parallelization
ABQ is an open source, universal test runner that runs test suites in parallel. It’s the most versatile tool for splitting test suites into parallel jobs in CI.
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