GitHub Push Trigger

The following fields are available on GitHub Push events. See related documentation on getting started with GitHub and on event triggers.

Here are some of the most commonly used attributes.

event.git.branchThe name of the branch that was pushed (set to an empty string if a branch was not pushed)
event.git.shaThe SHA of the most recent commit on ref after the push
event.git.refThe full git ref that was pushed. Example: refs/heads/main or refs/tags/v3.14.1.
event.git.tagThe name of the tag that was pushed (set to an empty string if a tag was not pushed)
event.github.push.head_commit.messageThe commit message of the head commit.
event.github.push.repository.clone_urlThe https URL that can be used to clone the repository.
event.github.push.sender.loginThe GitHub username of the user who pushed.

For the full set of attributes available within event.github.push, see GitHub's documentation on push webhooks