mint run

Executes one or more Mint task definitions.

By default, mint reads task definitions from the definitions directory (usually .mint/).


mint run [flags] [task-name]

If task-name is not provided, Mint will execute all tasks found in the definitions directory (usually .mint/).


Running a task named test, and all of its dependencies, defined in .mint/ci.yaml:

mint run test


--dir <definitions-directory>

The directory that contains your run definitions. By default, the CLI will look for .mint in the current directory and traverse upward until it finds a .mint directory. If no directory is found, you must provide --file (or create a .mint directory with run definitions in it).

--file <config-file>

The path to a specific Mint run definition file to use as the source of task definitions. If not provided, Mint will attempt to use the run definitions in the Mint directory (the one specified by --dir or implicitly found).

--init <key=value>

Initialization parameters for the run which will be made available in the init context. You can specify --init multiple times.


When specified, JSON will be emitted to stdout instead of plain text.


When specified, Mint will not read from or write to the cache during the Mint run.


When specified, Mint will automatically open the run's results in your default browser.

--title <title>

The title to use for the run in the Mint UI.