Migrating from GitHub Actions to Mint

Migrating Secrets

The easiest way to migrate secrets from GitHub Actions to Mint secrets is to use the Mint CLI from a GitHub Actions workflow to import them automatically.

Create the following file as .github/workflows/mint-migration.yml in the repository that you'd like to migrate.

For the RWX_ACCESS_TOKEN, you can set one as a secret in GitHub Actions, and then use RWX_ACCESS_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.RWX_ACCESS_TOKEN }}

If you do not have access to set new secrets in GitHub Actions, you can also hardcode it in your workflow and then revoke it after the migration is complete.

name: Mint Migration

on: [push]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: Install Mint CLI
        run: |
          curl -L https://github.com/rwx-research/mint-cli/releases/download/v0/mint-linux-x86_64 > mint
          chmod +x mint
          ./mint --version
      - name: Set Secrets
        run: |
          ./mint vaults set-secrets \
            SOME_SECRET_1="${{ secrets.SOME_SECRET_1 }}" \
            SOME_SECRET_2="${{ secrets.SOME_SECRET_2 }}"
          RWX_ACCESS_TOKEN: '...'