Annotating Logs

Mint will capture stdout and stderr from the process that it runs. To make it easier for your engineers to read the log output, you may want to annotate the logs.

Log Groups

Mint supports groups of log lines which can be collapsed and expanded in the UI.

To create a group of log lines, write ::group:: at the start of a line. You can include additional characters as a sort of title for the log group, such as ::group:: a description for the group. To end the group, write ::endgroup:: at the start of a line.

Here's a full example.

  - key: test-log-groups
    run: |
      echo ::group:: this is a log group
      for i in {1..10}; do
        echo $i
      echo ::endgroup::

      echo this line is after the group

And here's how it looks in the results UI:

log groups UI