Call (Leaves)

Mint leaves are external task definitions that are similar to GitHub's Actions.

To use a leaf, add call instead of run to your task definition.

View all available leaves at


  - key: greeting
    call: mint/greeting 1.0.3
      name: world

The logs for this task will contain:

hello world!

Semantic Versioning

When calling a leaf, you must specify a version number.

You can only specify an exact version. You cannot specify a range or use any sort of semver notation.

Mint enforces semver. Leaves cannot add required parameters or remove available parameters without updating the major version number.

Bumping Leaf Versions

You can use the Mint CLI to update leaves to the latest version. Run:

mint leaves update

The CLI will print the list of leaves that it updated:

Updated the following leaves:
        mint/git-clone 1.1.7 -> mint/git-clone 1.1.9
        mint/install-node 1.0.5 -> mint/install-node 1.0.6

By default, the CLI will only apply minor version updates.

To check for major version updates, run:

mint leaves update --allow-major-version-change

The CLI looks for any files matching .mint/*.yml or .mint/*.yaml. You can also specify a file if you only want to update a single file. See mint leaves update --help for all configuration options.


Currently, only RWX can develop leaves. Support for third-party leaves will be enabled in the future.

Available Leaves

See all available leaves at