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Test Failure Summaries

Most build systems require engineers to look at console output to determine which tests failed. Captain provides a summary of test failures, surfacing relevant information directly to engineers rather than requiring them to dig for it.

The summary is provided across all jobs, saving considerable time when a build has a large number of parallel jobs, since it eliminates the need to click into each individual job to see its failures.


Captain will automatically generate test failure summaries when you integrate your test suites.

GitHub PR Comment Notifications

Captain can post test failure summaries as a comment directly on GitHub PRs. When new commits are pushed to the branch, Captain will update the existing comment.


Captain Test Failure Summary Screenshot


You can enable or disable receiving test failure summaries as comments on GitHub in your notification settings.

  • Click on the hamburger menu icon in the nav bar, and then click "Manage your-org-name"
  • Click on Notifications on the left nav
  • Enable or disable the Pull Request comment notifications