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Visivo selects Mint CI/CD to build its analytics platform

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At RWX, we recently spent some time evaluating analytics products to power our internal dashboards at RWX. We selected Visivo, and we're thrilled with its security model and code-driven approach to building dashboards. We wrote more on our experience with Visivo in this blog post.

During implementation, we engaged with the Visivo team on how to best build and deploy dashboards using Mint for CI/CD. After seeing the developer experience with Mint, Visivo migrated to using Mint as the CI/CD platform for their internal repositories!

"At Visivo, we're thoughtfully designing the most dev friendly and secure analytics platform. After seeing Mint's refreshing approach to CI/CD, we immediately decided to migrate to it. Defining our workflows as a task-based graph was a huge improvement in composition, reuse, and performance compared to our previous scripts. Mint simplified our workflow code significantly by removing redundant job setups. We saw a 40% reduction in lines of code required to do the same thing in Mint as GitHub Actions."

Tim Overly from Visivo
Tim Overly
Co-founder, Visivo

Deploying Visivo Dashboards Using Mint

Examples of how to deploy Visivo dashboards using Mint can be found in the Visivo deployment docs.

How Visivo uses Mint Internally

In addition to deploying dashboards with Mint, Visivo uses Mint for internal development. Some of the key features:

Python is installed via the install-python leaf. Mint's content-based caching results in a high frequency of cache hits for installing third-party packages via pip.

As Visivo is compatible with numerous database backends, Visivo uses Mint's background processes to run containers for integration testing.

Deployment to Google Cloud is facilitated through the google-cloud/auth-credentials leaf. And of course, secrets are securely stored in Mint vaults.

Visivo's own internal dashboards are updated regularly using Mint's cron schedules.

About Visivo

Visivo is focused on the last mile data transformations & visuals that enable you to drive insight from information. We have found that the complexity & importance of analytics work has outgrown drag and drop interfaces where charts are developed in production. Visivo provides the tool kit that your technical teams have been looking for to create dashboards that don’t break, insights that are tested, and charts that look just the way you want. We are the first open-source version-controlled BI framework built for the modern data stack and a scalable analytics workflow. Visivo provides a developer first experience with more than 15 trace types, easy to read yaml syntax, dag based object modularity, and a powerful CLI that will fit right into your existing CI/CD process.

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