Test Result Reporters

Along with outputting test results to a console, ABQ supports structured exports of test results. ABQ's output reporters are configured via the --reporter CLI flag. Structured reporters work for any test framework ABQ supports.

You can pass multiple reporters to ABQ in a single test suite run. Each ABQ worker will report test results locally. Test results can be aggregated for reporting as well.

For example, to export both rwx v1 json and JUnit XML from a worker, structure your ABQ invocation as

abq test --reporter rwx-v1-json=results.json --reporter junit-xml=results.xml -- 

RWX v1 JSON Reporter

ABQ can write RWX v1 JSON-compatible test results via configuration of --reporter rwx-v1-json=<test-results-path.json>, where <test-results-path.json> is the file path you'd like the JSON results to be written to.

The RWX v1 JSON schema is the best standardized, framework-agnostic structured results schema for integrating with Captain.

JUnit XML Reporter

ABQ can write JUnit5-XML-compatible test results via configuration of --reporter junit-xml=<test-results-path.xml>, where <test-results-path.xml> is the file path you'd like the JUnit XML to be written to.