ABQ with RSpec

You'll need the rspec-abq gem to run your RSpec test suite with ABQ. Add rspec-abq to your Gemfile. Commonly, it's added under a test group.

group :test do
  gem "rspec-abq"

Run bundle install after updating your Gemfile.

Most likely, your project will be configured to automatically require all of the gems listed in your Gemfile. However, if your project isn't configured that way, you'll need to add require 'rspec/abq' at the top of your spec_helper.rb file.


This gem is actively tested against

  • ruby 2.7-3.1
  • rspec 3.5-3.12

as well as a handful of rspec plugins:

  • rspec-retry 0.6.2
  • capybara 3.36.0
  • selenium-webdriver 4.1.0
  • capybara-inline-screenshot 2.2.1