Build Analytics

Captain can integrate with your VCS and CI/CD providers to track your builds and provide insights on their performance and reliability. Right now, we only support GitHub and GitHub Actions, but would love to hear if you are interested in others.

Configuring GitHub and GitHub Actions

Navigate to your organization settings to install the Captain GitHub app. Once the app is installed, Captain will begin automatically ingesting your build data.

If you belong to an organization on GitHub (like your company's organization), you'll be prompted to select either an organization or your personal account, like in this image: GitHub select organization

Select the organization that you want to integrate with Captain. You'll then be presented with a screen allowing you to select which repositories you want to integrate with Captain. This screen also shows you which permissions Captain currently requires. Captain can't access any data outside of what these permissions allow.

GitHub select repositories

After clicking "Install & Authorize", you'll be redirected to Captain, where an account and organization will have been provisioned for you. After a few minutes, your data should be imported into Captain! Captain successful

Once you've installed the GitHub app, you can begin using Captain to analyze your GitHub actions builds.